Friends of Centre

Persons interested in the activities of the Centre can associate with it by signing as friends of the Centre. Such signing up process is opened twice a year, in August and in January. This affiliation unlike internships does not require fulltime commitment to the Centre but an expression of interest in the activities of the Centre. The Centre undertakes to inform the Friends of the various activities of the Centre and to accord priority to the Friends in any limited participation activity such as the Campaigning, Writing and Theatre workshops. In order to keep the registration alive the Centre requires a Friend to be involved in at least two activities of the Centre each semester. This involvement could be as small as attending lectures organized by the Centre and as large as researching and strategizing litigation for a person with disabilities who is experiencing discrimination.

As in internships, the Centre specially invites persons with disabilities to affiliate as friends of the Centre. The Centre needs this association in order to ensure that the pursuit of knowledge in the field is not divorced from lived experience. Persons with disabilities willing to perform this advisory role could sign up as Friends. We do not endorse the medical definition of disability, for us any person who is facing barriers in the conduct of life activities and social participation due to physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments whether of a temporary or permanent nature is a person with disability.

To be a Friend of the Centre write to: [email protected].

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