Consensus Paper

Part VII: Offences and Penalties

  • This chapter would contain a general provision whereby infringement of any provision of the new law would be rendered punishable.
  • There would be need to forge a linkage between the abuse and exploitation provisions and social security so that a distinction between wrongful and helpless behavior is maintained.
  • Each sub-group should put together a list of wrongful acts it would want penalized and recommend the same for the consideration of the Committee
  • Suggestions should be made on creative sanctions other than fine and imprisonment which would obtain conformity with the law.
  • Opportunity to reform being built in but repeated offences invite more stringent punishment
  • Suggestions made on this count in the 29th Sep to 1st Oct meeting should be considered by the Committee

Part VIII: Miscellaneous

  • In this chapter an express obligation on obtaining disability relevant statistical information in sample surveys and the census shall be included
  • The statute shall be accorded overriding effect and any law to the contrary shall to the extent of contravention be void.
  • Repeal of PWDA and any other laws.
  • If possible a schedule of all other laws which would be amended even if it is to direct the readers of those laws to this law.

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